Our TOP 10 largest Autodesk clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Public Company Roads FBIH)


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Public Company Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The Public Road Company of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has the mission to ensure socially responsible management and maintenance of the main road infrastructure in order to provide a safe, accessible, reliable and environmentally friendly transport system in the FBiH.

As part of that, it is necessary to carry out activities of control and supervision of conceptual, construction, construction and other projects on a permanent basis through construction, geodetic, legal and economic aspects.

It is also necessary to have a developed environment for the processing of geospatial data in such a way that it provides as much support as possible for the strategic management and maintenance of main roads and related facilities.

As a final step in all this, it is necessary to effectively manage all project documentation and be able to create all the necessary cartographies, visualizations and project solutions of general interest.

All these activities used to be performed manually in the past, with great patience and efforts of the individuals involved and without room for error, which is unthinkable in today's environment without Autodesk.

Autodesk platform, especially CIVIL 3D, MAP 3D and Infraworks applications have been basic software tools in use within JPCFBiH since their inception.

Business reputation and quality, as well as professionalism in providing technical support for Autodesk software solutions, make GeoInova our reliable business partner. ”