AreaCAD-GIS is INOVA solution for urbanism

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What is AreaCAD-GIS?

AreaCAD-GIS Platform is a set of INOVA applications and web services in the field of geospatial informatics.

Who is it for?

The platform is intended primarily for urban planners and spatial planners in the administrative services of local self-government units, and then for designers in communal infrastructure organizations. In addition to the possibility of efficient space management, which refers to the implementation of applicable laws and regulations in the field of spatial planning and urbanism, the offered applications also meet the standards of efficient servicing of citizens' needs related to space and land.

The platform operates on a distributed database system. Each department, ie. responsible person, has the ability to independently process and update its inherent parts of the database. AreaCAD-GIS integrates all these segments into one whole, so that the administrator / user always sees the complete database, and other users its parts by certain rights, ie. level of access, but always in the most up-to-date condition.


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