Our TOP 10 largest Autodesk clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina (APS Engineering)


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"We are APS Engineering - a company with a focus on the field of facade engineering within which we offer consulting services, design, engineering, production, and delivery of facades, facade positions, and elements. 

Our team of experts in the field of architecture, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering is closely specialized to apply their knowledge and experience in the field of facade industry, construction, and design of suspended facades, and various types of facade systems such as Reynaers, Aliplast, Alumil, Aluprof, and many others. 

APS Engineering was founded in 2007 and since then through years of hard work we have, step by step, climbed the very top of facade engineering. Together with our clients and partner companies around the world, we create exceptional projects located in metropolises such as London (UK), New York (USA), Frankfurt (DE), and many others. Our quality has been recognized by large companies around the world, primarily in markets of the Netherlands, England, and the United States, and to a lesser extent the market of other countries. 

The average age of our team is 35, which means that we are a company that gives young people the opportunity to grow together with us."