Training and Education

In order to develop high value solutions and accompanying services for our customers, Inova is organized with our core development and professional training groups based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia.

To ensure that Inova can provide customer excellence, we will be highly decentralized in services and training campaigns, keeping decisions close to the customer. In order to accomplish this, the company has established specialized regional Training Center in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Training Standards and Certification

Inova Training Center offers quality and modern computer educational equipment, maintaining a professional training lab with equipment that showcases the power and performance of presented software tools and technology solutions:

  • Facilities: Permanent training room seating 12 (twelve) hands-on seats. Full-time training delegate handling and registration capability. Acceptable standard of furnishings, furniture, and decoration. Acceptable facilities for catering and refreshments. Acceptable access by car or public transport.

  • Equipment: Optimum branded PC configurations required to run the software taught in the classroom. Presentation equipment of the standard necessary to show the software operating (video projector). One networked PC per course attendee. Other equipment as and when required to showcase all presented software products. An Internet account to receive and send e-mail. Access from the training room to the Web.

  • Training Delegate Evalutaion Forms: Inova Training Centers provide it's own Course Evaluation forms to all delegates attending a course. Some companies may require a sample of these completed forms to be submitted for review during the course.

  • Certification: Inova issues an official and region wide accepted Certificate for the skills learned and technologies adopted during the period of the training course. Before issuing a Certificate Inova has an obligation to perform an Audit for each and every attendee to the course.

Training Programs

There are four running training programs available to our customers regionwide:

  • Inova and Autodesk-based Custom Training: For those companies that have complex training requirements - such as offices in many different locations, a regional workforce, or a solution involving multiple Inova and Autodesk products - Inova's consultants can analyze your needs and design a custom tailored training program. We provide a range of custom training programs, from customization of standard courses to development of custom curriculum.

  • Courseware: A key factor in the success of any training program is the use of high-quality classroom materials. Inova introduced Infrastructure planning and design Training Courseware (ITC) to support training organizations and customers who attend instructor-led, classroom training for both Inova and Autodesk-based products. ITC is authorized technical training material, developed by Inova, for traditional one-to-five-day, hands-on, instructor-led training. It covers the most important technical features and functions of new or updated Inova and Autodesk products. ITC includes exercises that simulate real-world projects in both planning and design phase, and teaches the customer how to perform job-related tasks using both Inova and Autodesk-based software.

  • How-To-Articles and Tips: Through step-by-step lessons written by recognized experts in the fields of telecommunications, spatial and urban planning, civil engineering, geodesy and surveying – Inova how-to articles, tutorials and technical tips help our customers master the techniques they need to become more productive with both Inova and Autodesk-based products and solutions.

  • API Training and Consulting for Developers: Inova offers unparalleled API and Consulting training classes for infrastructure and spatial planning solutions – both on Inova and Autodesk-based platforms. From conceptual authors to coders, detailed descriptions and hands-on classes for developed solutions and exposed API interfaces.