AreaCAD-GIS enables engineers to access data previously locked up in the GIS department, while providing the best CAD tools available to edit native geospatial data.

With FDO Data Access Technology, AreaCAD-GIS Client enables team members to work with large GIS-scale data sets and directly access, without translation, advanced geospatial databases. This allows organizations to store both spatial and attribute data in one place without expensive and proprietary middleware. Since most organizations have hybrid software environments, AreaCAD-GIS Client offers direct read/write capabilities for most popular GIS formats, helping to ensure information accuracy by eliminating data conversion.

Urban Infrastructure Design and Management

The AreaCAD-GIS Client/Server architecture represents an open and flexible solution that extends the power of the AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise platforms. AreaCAD-GIS addresses the challenges faced by organizations that design and manage infrastructure projects by integrating Autodesk design software with an Oracle spatial database, enabling teams to manage and share a single source of information across departments. AreaCAD-GIS customers can see the big picture with a more integrated view of all of their enterprise data, as well as improve productivity and bottom-line results by completing projects faster and maintaining assets more efficiently.

AreaCAD-GIS Client/Server solution offers modules for managing specific types of infrastructure systems, including spatial planning, telecommunications networks, etc. Each module provides a detailed data model that organizations configure to capture exactly the infrastructure asset information they need. AreaCAD-GIS workflows reduce steps when designing new infrastructure, and provide security and consistency as people in separate departments work with and update the database. Finally, AreaCAD-GIS' multiple display models enable each user of the system to view information with the scale, symbols, and formatting most relevant to them.

Desktop CAD/GIS Platform

Application is fully based on AutoCAD Map 3D, the leading engineering GIS platform for creating and managing spatial data, serves as the desktop-based core of the client-server platform. AreaCAD-GIS provides direct access to the leading data formats used in design and GIS—no matter how the data is stored. It also makes maintaining and editing spatial data efficient by providing users with a familiar AutoCAD-based working environment.

With the AreaCAD-GIS Client/Server architecture, organizations are no longer hamstrung by the historic division between the CAD and GIS worlds. In the past, CAD provided smart graphics characterized by sophisticated, accurate represe-ntations of the world and excellent tools for geometry creation, editing, and dimensioning. However, tools for linking external data tables or creating data attributes in CAD files have not been that robust. GIS provided a very robust connection to databases, but less sophisticated graphics. AreaCAD-GIS brings together CAD and GIS by combining the powerful, smart graphics of CAD with direct, native access to the world’s most common GIS databases and files.

One of the underlying technologies that Inova AreaCAD-GIS uses to break down barriers between data is a common data access platform called Feature Data Objects (FDO) Data Access Technology. FDO technology supports the creation of data-store-neutral applications and facilitates direct information exchange. To make it easier for developers to extend the capabilities of FDO, Autodesk, in partnership with the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo), has released FDO as an open source project. Because this underlying technology is based on open standards, it eliminates many of the difficulties commonly encountered when working with proprietary systems.

Web Mapping Platform

The server-based core of the overall AreaCAD-GIS platform – AreaCAD-GIS Server – is fully based on Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise, enabling organizations to share spatial data over the web on dynamically generated maps. AreaCAD-GIS Server delivers powerful, easy-to-use online maps and related information in a development environment that leverages the advantages of open source technology. AreaCAD-GIS Server and AreaCAD-GIS Client share a unified geospatial application programming interface (API) as well as unified FDO data access technology that can be used to build custom applications that share business logic and common code.

With the same access architecture and common code, AreaCAD-GIS Client shares information easily with AreaCAD-GIS Server. AreaCAD-GIS Server server-based technology delivers rich, web-based capabilities such as dynamic data visualization, feature selection and attribute display, data query and update, and geometric analysis. Because AreaCAD-GIS Server can use any web browser, organizations can use it to distribute data and spatial functionality to a large number of people and applications.