Our GIS solutions are based on platforms of world leading companies in the field of engineering software and spatial databases. We are one of the six companies in world that have status of Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner. Furthermore, INOVA is also Oracle Gold Partner and Microsoft Business Partner.

Development and implementation of INOVA software is in compliance with ISO and Open GIS standards, and the principles of European Directive INSPIRE. Our employee have leading role as INSPIRE Utility and Governmental Services TWG Editor. Those standards and principles are the starting points for our brands: INOVA TeleCAD-GIS, INOVA AreaCAD-GIS, INOVA iPLAN, INOVA iCOD, and many others.

INOVA's conceptual model of implementation of GIS technologies and international standards for spatial processing in transitional countries got many international awards (Brussels - Eureka, Odessa - Millennium...). We proved our expertise and quality of our solutions through ten-years implementation of more than 120 IT projects in regional corporations, municipalities and government agencies. Most of those projects had been financed and quality checked by: World Bank, USAID, GTZ, SIDA, JICA, UNDP...

Our Contribution to Youth

In 2004 INOVA informatički inženjering established women's volleyball club "OK Inova", which was created from the belief that city of Banja Luka needed long-term and pedagogical development of the healthiest sport for the psychological and physical well-being of young people. In matter of few years OK Inova become largest women's volleyball club in region with more than 400 members. Good work was followed with exceptional results, and OK Inova became republic champion in all categories. Success of this project gave us strength to continue with helping healthy development of young people through various new projects.

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